Caver (2020)

7:34 min   |   English   | HAC

JC Bailey

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Caver is based on experience of 1920’s cave explorers who mapped uncharted caves via candlelight.

With the possibility of a great cavern or dead end only centimetres beyond their dimly lit field of vision, they delve into the darkness fearlessly for the chance to go where no one had been before.

HAC IT is a documentary series following Hanging Around Co and its artist as they navigate the new landscape of the independent artist.  Based in Sydney, Australia HAC was subject to severe and immediate restrictions 5 days before a premiere performance. Unlike Melbourne's lockdown that lasted from March-October, Sydney tentatively lifted restrictions in mid May but the life of a independent was far from normal. HAC IT reveals how the pandemic is changing the artists, their lives and their practice as HAC tries to keep its doors open and provide much needed stability and community during the most challenging time of these young performers careers.

Photography by David Vagg Photography 

Additional photography by Shane Rozario

Directors note:

I wanted to share this work in the program because I think it reminds us, although we are tethered to keep us safe and to keep others safe, there is an opportunity to step out into the unknown of our future with the same tenacity and curiosity that the 1920’s cave explorers brought to their experience.

It is only unknown until we discover it.

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